With Microsoft 365 Support Know New Best Features of Office 365

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Are you not aware of the latest and amazing features of office 365? Don’t worry, here you can learn and know all the features swiftly.

We are betting that you have heard a lot about Microsoft office 365 and currently using it in your business premises as well as for educational purpose. Office 365 comes with a plethora of tools that makes you and your colleagues more dynamic.

Well, maybe you are missing some of its new and amazing features that can transform the way of your working! Microsoft always wants businesses to increase their productivity with its products and with the current release of office 365 the collaboration has been pushed to a further height. With Microsoft 365 Support you can always get to know about all new features and updates of office 365 on regular basis.

Although, Microsoft automatically add new features and updates in office 365, to get them all you need to do is keep paying for subscription! For this, if you require some assistance, then we recommend you to grab Microsoft Office 365 Support at the comfort of your home.  Now, let’s dig in to some really good quality stuff of Microsoft 365.

Take a look at the new best features of the office 365:

  • Real-time co-authoring to get workers attention.
  • Chat support in office apps to collaborate with your colleagues via text, audio and video messages.
  • Instead of sending entire files, you can insert links to stored files. 
  • Some of the issues related to editing and converting a PDF file are resolved.
  • Continue reading of word document from where you left off.
  • Massive 50 GB of free-storage to save your files and documents.
  • You can send reply in-line to an email without opening it.
  • Work offline and upload changes later.
  • You can effortlessly work anywhere from any device (which support Office365).
  • Office 365 planner helps you to organize workflow of your team.
  • Clever email inbox that can simply de-clutter itself.

These latest features of the office 365 will surely improve the productivity of you and your team as well. Now, start creating and editing your new documents with more creativity and seamlessly. In order to understand or adopt these features if you are facing some issues, you can also take the help from Office 365 Support. This support service is available all day and night, so, you don’t need a fix time for your queries. Simply make connection with their technicians and get your desired solution in no time.

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