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This is how you can resolve the common issues with your Yahoo account or if you are facing any other difficulty then make a call at the Yahoo Help Number. The technical support team will help you out in fixing various issues with Yahoo.

Yahoo is one of the email clients which allow you to send or receive emails or use it as a search engine. There is much more you can do every day using Yahoo.


It is quite frustrating to face certain issues with Yahoo which can occur anytime. Some technical glitches can arise when you try to send or receive emails using the Yahoo email service. The issue can arise on account of inadequate network connectivity or incorrect Yahoo account settings. However, they can be fixed easily using the adequate technical know-how which can be easily acquired by contacting the Yahoo Support Number.


Following are some of the common issues with Yahoo and what can be done to fix them:

  • Unable to receive emails: If you are not able to receive emails in your Yahoo account, then check the following points:
  1. Make sure your Yahoo account is free from any error by sending a mail to yourself and see if you are able to do that.
  2. Make sure you have not added the sender to the block list of Yahoo account.
  3. Check the spam folder of your Yahoo account as sometimes emails can mistakenly land into the spam folder.
  4. Check all the filters you have created for your Yahoo account for the required mail to see if it has landed in the wrong folder.
  • Unable to send emails: if you are not able to send an email from your Yahoo account then go through the given troubleshooting tips:
  1. Make sure the email is showing in the sent folder and not in the drafts folder.
  2. Check the email address you have entered to send email to is fully correct.
  3. Ask the receiver to check for the email in the spam folder of his Yahoo account.
  4. Confirm that the receiver has not added you to the block list erroneously.
  • Login issues: sometimes it is not possible to login to your Yahoo account due to the incorrect password or the network issues. If you are not able to login to your account due to the wrong password you can get in touch with Yahoo Customer Service and can also apply the given steps to reset your password:
  1. Go to the Yahoo’s password reset page and enter your Yahoo’s email address.
  2. Clicking on ‘Continue’ will take you to the password reset options.
  3. You can either choose the mobile number associated with your account or you can use an alternate email address to receive the verification code required for resetting the password.
  4. Enter the verification code received on your mobile number or email address and the set a new password for your Yahoo account.



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