PERFUMES: Enhance your personality, so choose right one

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“ perfume is the most intense form of memory”. Yes it is true whenever you meet someone what you remember about them the most is their fragrance.

“ perfume is the most intense form of memory”. Yes it is true whenever you meet someone what you remember about them the most is their fragrance. Fragrance leaves the everlasting impression on us. It often happens that we might forget about someone’s habit for once but we never forget how they smell. Perfumes not only gives you amazing fragrances but also enhance your personality. With passage of time your perfume becomes part of your life, person who knows you better will recognize you at once from your fragrance, that is the magic of perfume.

Smell and memory are twisted together, through memory only we learn smells and it has been often seen that any memory disorder takes away the ability to distinguish between different smell that’s why we say that smell is the core part of our personality.

Whenever we go to buy a perfume for ourselves it’s the most difficult task on earth for us. Because we get confused as every smell is pleasant for our nonse. It’s very important to keep atleast few perfumes in our collection. Choosing perfume is also a difficult task because the fragrance which we choose for ourselves projects our persona to the world. Not only the smell confuses , the elegant bottles and different flavours also attracts us towards them.

There are few tips which you can implement while choosing a perfume for yourself like:

  • Perfumes can be the most expensive gifts for anyone, yes it’s true from being reasonable to highly expensive perfumes come in all range so you need to decide your budget first.


  • You have to see what attracts you the most is it fruity smell or smell of flowers or you are someone who likes earthen smells. Because based on this your choice of preference comes.


  • You can randomly pick any perfume I mean a test try is needed you can’t blindly follow the ingredients written on a bottle because it’s not necessarily you will like it.


  • Control your self, don’t get attracted towards the stylish bottles because it’s not the bottle that defines your persona but the stuff inside the bottle does

It will not be wrong to say that choosing a right perfume is an art and some master it. Even you can with little caution. We all know that VIP perfume is such a huge name in the field of perfumes . Wearing VIP perfumes always makes you feel like a VIP. They are justifying their name right this season by giving you VIP treatment through a discount on their perfumes. You just need to use VIP Brands coupons.

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