Why is Google the world's best search engine?

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Google has been on air since 1998 and it has been almost 2 decades. Within these past years it has achived a whole new unbreakable milestone that none other can compete. And a few things that makes Google successful...

Google has been on air since 1998 and it has been almost 2 decades. Within these past years it has achived a whole new unbreakable milestone that none other can compete. And a few things that makes Google successful are:

  1. Its relevant and logical searches and smarter algorithms makes it much better than other search engines.
  2. It belives in simplicity as you can see its homepage. (However Bing still continues to show pictures, news etc that has nothing to do with its homepage)
  3. Apart from these Google’s products like Youtube, Maps, Gmail, Play, Adsense (and many more to this) have far better user friendly interface than any other search engines.
  4. It gives you the result from even darkest side of the internet. (Ever heard about the Dark Web?)
  5. It continuously updates its algorithm to provide best search results to its users and much more.

Lets take an example.

During DEMONETIZATION in 2016 people were constantly hunting for ATMs close by. In a bid to help out its Indian users Google India’s homepage carried ‘Find an ATM near you’ link.


Thus from this you can get a clue about how Google not only being a powerful search engine but also helps in making our life ease.

Okay that coming handy, and user by the name of Chris Slesarchik says

This question does not have a simple answer, but if you bear with me I promise you’ll come to a better understanding of what makes Google one of the most powerful companies in existence (as well as why everyone uses their search engine!).

The simple answer is that Google is much, much more than just a search engine, which is how they establish and assert their dominance.

They offer dozens of other quality programs and services for free!

The biggest ones are Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets and Docs, Google+… But there are literally dozens of Google services that all operate together, most of which can be accessed totally for free.


But why does Google offer all of these things for free?

By using any of the many Google services, you agree to offer information that Google can then use to make their other products better.

For instance, when you use Google Maps as a GPS navigator on your phone, Google gathers data on how fast you are traveling and uses that to estimate traffic patterns and current traffic statuses, which in turn is used to make the platform more useful for all.

Another reason is integrating you into their eco-system. Similar to the way Apple is successful because they don’t just develop single products, but an entire eco-system of products that makes it advantageous for you to not only have an Apple iPhone, but also an Apple laptop, iPad, iWatch, etc., Google operates an entire eco-system of information services that all integrate seamlessly.

Another example; Google Sheets is a comparable alternative to Microsoft Excel that’s completely free to use. Since it is a quality product that is offered for free, it attracts millions of users. If you are doing work using Google Sheets, Google makes it extremely easy to share these sheets with Gmail or Drive (also free), so naturally it will make sense for you to create and use a Gmail/Drive account. As you use more and more Google products, it becomes clear that you can streamline your workflow and access everything you might need all in one place with, you guessed it, more Google products! By creating quality services and offering them for free, Google can secure you as a “customer” and lock you into their eco-system, making you dependent upon their services for, well, anything and everything! Google Flights, News, Photos, youTube, Finance… their reach is staggering.

Ok… Seriously though, why does Google offer all of this great stuff for free?

Let’s not kid ourselves, Google is a for-profit company and if you follow the money it’s easy to see where the company’s root priorities and motivations lie.

Get this: 90% of Google’s massive yearly revenues come from advertising.

With so many millions of users, Google’s greatest assets are your personal informationand your attention.

When you think about it, all of Google’s services, from search to Maps and more, aren’t really their “products”. You, the user, are both their product and their consumer at the same time; they collect your personal information to target ads towards you, then sell advertising space within all of the Google products you use (think ads on YouTube, Google search, remarketing through DoubleClick on external sites).

All those free services are just a way to lure you into the Google eco-system!

So, you see, the reason Google is the number one search engine is because they are simply the best at monetizing and automating the entire digital information industry. Their innovative (and some might argue, genius) business model is totally unique and makes it almost impossible for anyone to compete.

If anyone wanted to overcome Google in search, they couldn’t do it by simply building a search engine. they would have to build the entire digital eco-system; a much taller order

Thankyou so much for reading this i hope you all have a nice day good bye


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