From Noob To Master, Counter Strike:Global Offensive Tips And Tricks

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Hello Welcome Back, On this Article I Will Show you things that you will change or adjust in setting or your habits. Let's Get Started

Hello Welcome Back, On this Article I Will Show you things that you will change or adjust in setting or your habits. Let's Get Started

Before we started i need to mention that you need have good internet and PC. because you need have fast react on this game and if you doesnt have a fast internet or pc your fast react and skill is all just vain. So if you have Fast PC you have more Advatage than any other player (Still have A drop FPS Check Out my Article) And Check it out


First thing first i recommend to allways play with Friend it not just easy to comunicate and it will be more fun to play than rather play it alone with random mad rusian (Not Rasicts). If you like me that Doesn't have friend don't be affraind of you can allways find a random lobby nearby at least that one country as yours. So how to get there is Very easy just go to CS:GO and see on the right and click on the Group of people that called "Nearby Lobby" (Wierd People).


After you have a suporting team mate you still need to improve your self by the CrossHair Setting. You can However Donwload it from work shop maps and play or at least try a Pro play Crosshair. But i recommend that find that suit on your soul and play with it.

Speaking of pro player. the third is wacth pro play. Yes just by wacth it your skill is improve by nice amount because you will know common spot, how they aim, and the most importand how they team up. you can wacth them on youtube or simply you can wacth it on you CS:GO just clik that monitor and then just like on the photo. Enjoy

CS:GO is a tactical shooter game that you will shoot some one pression and accuracion is a must to have not just with your mouse but with your hand to. learn how the pattern is begin, how is move, and move it opposite direction.

CS:GO is not allways about shoot because granade is allways ruin your aim. like Flash they can blind you full second. but like Nade and Molly they can damage or even kill you, smoke how ever can ruin vision on that area for long time. So in conclusion Nade is very use full for Push the site or Defend it. Trowing nade's is allways be the art of CS:GO many pro and youtuber like Nadeking is showing you how to properly trow Nade

the last thing but it crusial to your play is sentivity of your mouse or DPI. So what is the best ? you may ask. Well the answer is no. there is no answer of that but you can mesure it by "It must to easy to move around, but easy to aim" you have to need the fell of you mouse move.


Practice Practice and Practice. This game give you money too 

Easy right. okay see you guys later and stay tune


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