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Setting up the wireless setup on Roku is not a big deal if you are just utilizing the steps given in  All you have to do is, connect the streaming player on a wireless network that has an efficiency to deliver a high-speed internet connection. Need detailed information about the setup, just navigate to

It is very important to connect the Roku wireless setup properly to avoid troubles like buffering and more as the Roku players function totally depends on the network connectivity.

Whether you use a Roku TV or Roku stick, ensure you hook up the device on a network which is capable of producing a high-speed internet connection.

Connecting Roku on wireless :

Here are the simple instructions to connect your Roku streaming player on a wireless network.  For detailed information, you can check out the website

  • If you are just unboxing the device right away, then you need to finish up the basic setup Roku account creation on
  • Then you can setup the Roku wireless setup without any issues and once you are done with the initial setup like display settings, USB connections, you can move on with the wireless connectivity. Follow the steps given below which is an abstract of
  • Choose the Wireless connection option when you prompted to pick either Wired or wireless setup.
  • If you can't find, just tap on "Scan again to see all networks" to pick the network you wish to continue and enter the credentials.
  • Click the Home button and scroll via the option to check the Settings menu. Pick "Setup Connection" which is available under Network tab.

Troubleshooting Roku wireless setup :

After setting up the Roku wireless setup, you may come across several issues which can be hindered by following the troubleshooting tips given below.

  • Get rid of the issues that come in your way by eradicating obstacles between your router and device.

  • You can also call the internet service provider to verify the transparency in the network connectivity.
  • Purchase a new router if you are dealing with so many issues in your old router.

For furthermore setup, you can visit our website or get in touch with call at +1-8669910490 our customer support executives.


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