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Make sure you subscribe to any one of channels such as NFL, Eurosport Player, ESPN Roku, CBS All Access, Fox Sports, on your Roku device to stream Super Bowl 2019. Starting from 3 February 2019, the football game will be feast to all the sports lovers out there.

The Super Bowl 2019 is already knocking at the door. You can now watch the Super Bowl on Roku with the help of various Roku channels. The tournament is going to kick off from February 3 and all the football lovers are eagerly waiting to stream the game online.

Channels streaming Super Bowl

Add and activate any of your favourite channels from the following list to watch super bowl on roku.

  • CBS channel
  • ESPN Roku
  • NBC
  • NFL Game Pass 
  • Fox Sports

Best channel to stream Super Bowl

If you are not using a cable service, CBS channel will be the best option for you to stream the Super Bowl- American football Game 2019. It is because the channel has its own streaming service that is nothing but the CBS All Access. Besides this the channel is economically friendly and all you have to pay is an amount of 5.99 dollars in one month.

Additionally, you can also be benefited with a free channel experience for seven days. You can cancel the channel subscription whenever you are willing to. The CBS All Access also comes with the NFL channels which will also allow you to stream the Super Bowl.

CBS channel activation on Roku       

  • Start the channel activation setup by signing in to the Roku account using your login details and visiting the Roku channel hub for adding the channel.
  • Locate the CBS All Access channel, and add it to the Roku library for activating.
  • After successfully procuring the channel activation code, visit the CBS channel official website and provide the code to the link.
  • Provide your channel provider’s details by logging in to your CBS account.
  • Activate the CBS All Access effectively and happy streaming Super Bowl on Roku.

CBS All Access on mobile

Watch the Super Bowl- American Football game live from 6.30 pm with the help of CBS All Access mobile application. Install and launch the app using the App Store or Google Play Store, and do not miss a single game.

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