Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games

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Playing video games makes you relax and it can distract you from pain by paying attention to the game. However, is that all there is?

Playing video games makes you relax and it can distract you from pain by paying attention to the game. It can bring you kind of comfort from all the tension which we face in our day to day life. Video Games are not only popular among the kids but a large community of adults has also adopted it as a craze. Playing video games can bring you happiness and keeping you cheerful but it also brings some bad effects too. Here in this article, I'm going to mention The Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games. 



  • Keeps you Happy 

As technology is growing day by day on a large scale, the demand for people is also increasing, in order to fulfill it, they work harder to that they can get everything possible. In a day at least we spend 30 minutes of our time to play Video Games. Happiness makes a person healthy and glowing all the time. 


  • Improve Visual Skills

Playing Video Games may improve our visual ability which is a crucial thing for reading or driving at night. According to a team of the researcher at Rochester in New York, playing action video games train the brain to better process certain visual information.   


  • Winning Ability  

You might have seen many people quit a particular task or anything if they fail in one or two attempts but playing video games teach you to never give up. A video gamer also adopts this ability in their lives.  


  • Improve Decision Making Speed

Making a decision is a skill. Video games require players to practice that skill over and over. Compared to non-players, gamers who spend time daily with fast-paced games can react to questions or situations up to 25% faster.  




  • Insomnia

Playing Video Games may cause insomnia. Especially playing video games at night may cause sleep problems. According to research, watching TV or playing video games after 9pm may distract kids minds and they suffer sleeping problems. 


  • Addiction

You might have seen a person holding the game controller or playing a video game all the time. Playing a video game is good but making it an addiction is worst. Some person has the ability to cross the levels very soon. Such a person gets addicted to the game and they always sit at one place without maintaining their daily schedule and this impacts intheir daily tasks.   


  • Makes you Violent 

According to a CNN Report, an 18 years old gunman killed nine people in Germany and he was a fan of the first-person shooter video game. Playing such types of video games may distract your mind and you tend to think about the same and this also implemented in your habits.   


  • Limit Social Connections 

Talking to a person while playing a game in the comforts of home is a very different skill than talking to a stranger face-to-face. Gamers often play by themselves and that can lead to feelings of social isolation. It can even lead to having a gamer disconnect from the real world so they can focus on the gaming world.   


The Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games show us that there can be great benefits and devastating consequences. Hope this article can help you encourage yourself to do better things and avoid being addicted to video games.   


Thank you !  


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