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Fueled with the passion to encourage every Filipino to embrace the full digital revolution, Cloudfone is one of the few technology brands that really walks its talk. 

A Simple Guide to Life-Changing Products with Cloudfone

Founded with the vision to be one of the leading technology brands in the market, Cloudfone is all about helping its fellow Filipinos to embrace the full fruits of digital technology and lifestyle. Not only that, Cloudfone also believes in motivating people so that they can achieve their individual goals and success. As a matter of fact, Cloudfone has been widely recognized as the brand that is synonymous with technology, quality and value – aside from Samsung phones and Apple Philippines. Moreover, it never compromises the design, quality and service for a price. Indeed, Cloudfone gives you inspiring models that can transform your life for better.

As always, Cloudfone is very active when it comes to designing incredible products which come with tons of features. Needless to say, it possesses a huge selection of products that can cater every style and budget. From the basic feature phones to powerful tablets, Cloudfone offers life-changing products so that you can experience the full digital revolution. Therefore, this is a simple guide to help you to choose Cloudfone products that suit you perfectly.

Cloudfone Smartphones

Designed to emphasize both power and performance at the same time, the impressive Cloudfone smartphones have been well-received because they maintain the right balance of price, performance and design. In other words, you will be thrilled to learn that the Cloudfone smartphones offer fearsome specs at a more affordable rate. Most importantly, each Cloudfone smartphone model has been designed deliberately to serve your needs without much trouble at all.

Get Excited with Cloudfone Excite Prime

Even before its release, the revolutionary Cloudfone Excite Prime smartphone is able to draw a lot of attention because many people are eager to get their hands on this incredible cell phone. Unsurprisingly, Cloudfone really walks its talk when it designs this Cloudfone smartphone model because it carries the best specs in the market. For a start, it definitely earns that well-deserved excitement from many people with its gorgeous all-metal frame. With its faux leather back cover, it actually makes this Cloudfone model to look more classy and sophisticated at the same time.

For the most exciting part, the Cloudfone Excite Prime can deliver stunning display quality with its 5.5 inch HD IPS OGS display screen (1280 x 720 resolution). Amazingly, it also offers great viewing angle so that you can enjoy watching your favorite from any angle without any compromise. In other words, this Cloudfone smartphone delivers pleasing performance that runs smoothly effortlessly. Despite boasting terrific specs, it is surprising to know that the Cloudfone Excite Prime is still relatively affordable with its lower price tag.

Cloudfone Tablets

Even it comes to designing tablets, Cloudfone proves that it has been able to incorporate what it has learned from them. Needless to say, the Cloudfone tablets are engineered exclusively to accelerate your digital experience. In a simpler term, you can expect them to sport promising performance as you can carry them conveniently wherever you go. There is nothing will go wrong when you have Cloudfone tablet in your hands.

Experience the Super-Smooth Performance of Cloudfone Cloudpad X

In the first glance, the Cloudfone Cloudpad X looks like the usual sleek tablet. However, you will appreciate the fact that it utilizes both metal and glass in its construction. As a matter of fact, this Cloudfone tablet simply exudes its sophisticated vibe. Aside from its gorgeous look, the Cloudfone Cloudpad X is also designed with an emphasis on ergonomics. Unsurprisingly, it offers excellent grip despite its larger size. This is aided by its sandpaper-like texture on its well-polished surface. Moreover, it is also lightweight that you can hold it easily with just one hand.

When it comes to work and play, this Cloudfone tablet makes everything to be flowing perfectly. Since it runs Windows 10, you can enjoy various amazing features with your Cloudfone tablet. Not only that, you can even change back to Android without much trouble at all. In fact, you can switch easily between them. Incredibly, the Cloudfone Cloudpad X also comes with a magnetic keyboard that you can use as a small laptop, check out laptop price Philippines. Whatever you do on this Cloudfone tablet, it will be such a tantalizing experience.

Cloudfone Feature Phones

Despite the popularity of smartphones, there are lots of people that still value feature phones. While they do not have the advanced functionality of the smartphone, they are still affordable while incorporating the ability to connect to the Internet. As for Cloudfone feature phones, they are amazing models that you should get.

Long-Lasting Performance with Cloudfone Ultimate

Designed to be simple, the Cloudfone Ultimate looks great with its clamshell form factor. Aside from its basic features such as micro SD card slot, FM Radio and Dual SIM, the Cloudfone Ultimate also gives amazing performance that enables you to enjoy your favorite content. While it is a feature phone, this does not mean that Cloudfone Ultimate is unable to help you to enjoy the wonders of digital technology. Essentially, it still has the basic features that you can always use at all times. In addition, this Cloudfone Ultimate feature phone is also durable as well. Ultimately (pun intended), the Cloudfone Ultimate will be your dedicated phone which you can use for a long time without any reservations.

How Cloudfone Products Change Your Life

Thanks to its dedication in forging strategic partnerships with the top industry leaders in the market, Cloudfone has been able to secure the key innovations and technologies. With such strong network, this gives Cloudfone the ability to incorporate all of these awesome features into its products. As if it is not enough, Cloudfone works very hard to make sure that everyone can enjoy these features without spending a lot of money. In other words, Cloudfone is committed to offering powerful products at more affordable rates. Most importantly, you can always keep up with the latest innovations whenever you are using Cloudfone products. For more Cloudfone products, you should take a look at the amazing Cloudfone phones & tablets.

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