How to Use a Router as a WiFi Range Extender

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New Extender Setup is only meant and useful for your existing home wired or wireless network that it will extend its range of the Internet from lowest area to the top. But you have to be sure that during the process of configuration, you have to first disable the public WiFi network and enable the private one. Release your router in an open, clean and dry place.

Wireless connection problems are one of the most common issues faced by everyone and that are extremely annoying particularly when they happen at the nastiest time. So, no need to worry about such troubles because networking issues can habitually be fixed if we follow some useful steps properly with patience. Some people, when they buy a brand new device i.e. range extender just because of connectivity issues they failed during their new extender Setup.

Why these issues occur?

  • Dropped Signals.
  • Mottled Connections.
  • A valid wireless connection with no Internet.
  • Internet and wireless connection but no VPN contact.

How to get rid of such problems: Some points to be noted and followed

  1. New Extender Setup: Be definite about your WiFi - Sometimes what happens, wireless capability can be automatically turned on and off because of visible switch on the rim of the device or the signals drop page just because of third-party device interference or maybe you are living in the least dead zone area.

Mostly you tend to pin your devices (multiple) at the same time through software or an Ethernet cable to WiFi. Extender Setup cannot be done when you have the least poor connection of WiFi range. So check all these issues because it will save your lots of time and also for the annoying steps of troubleshooting.

  1. Built a solid relation between your devices: WiFi Extender Setup - Did you know that instead of metal stuff, WiFi or wireless devices, windows walls and furniture also create disasters and affect the range of your networking. WiFi Range Extender Setup can never meet a successful end if the above barriers come in the path of configuration between your devices and network.

So what are you supposed to do now?

Move your range extender pretty close to the router and connect them both with each other with the help of an Ethernet cable after that you can move your device to its intended location, but remember you are not supposed to exceed the range of 20 feet. If you do so, the above-mentioned disasters will always affect the speed of your WiFi.

  1. Reboot/ Restart your devices- This step is as important as configuring your range extender with other devices. When you have connected the both of your devices (existing and the new one) and unsuccessful to spot the LEDs on them, hold the WPS button for 10 seconds on one device and apply the same process on the other (you have to release the button after following the process). Once done with both, you will now see blinking lights on both the devices that means your device is in process but not ready to proceed. Let them be stable, move towards the next step.

If you still find them blinking, you have no option them to restart your device. Just grab a paper clip or any thin object, press and hold the factory reset hole for 20 seconds, once completed the count, release it (apply the same process on your router if needed).

  1. Netgear Genie- In order to keep all your devices up to date and want that they accept the daily upcoming challenges given by latest technologies you are likely to install this app with the help of play store. This app is very important for your mywifiext Setup. It also comes with extra elegant features like:
  • Parental Control.
  • Guest Access.
  • Gives you the unbeatable speed of Gigabits.
  • Notifies you when any of your devices needs an updation and also if any third-party device or intruder tries to enter into your home network.

Netgear Genie Setup can be done by a simple process. Just open a web browser and enter IP in the field of address bar and hit enter. Now, a page displayed that will ask you to fill in the default login details. Fill them all and continue till with all the positive responses. This app is also very useful to set up any of your devices with each other. It can also run on all your smart wired and wireless devices. This app also remove all the barriers that come in the path of your installation of your range extender with other devices and its range follow your each and every step where ever you move around in your house, turns all the dead zones into live zones and gives you a safe, secure WiFi with an unbeatable range and speed.

If you are satisfied with our above-shared views, do drop your valuable feedback in the comment box given below. You can also ask for any help required from us. We will definitely take you out of the annoying situation.


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