Quick Guide: Factory Reset Windows 7 and 10 in PC

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Know how to factory reset windows 7 and 10 in your PC. We provide full technical support help for windows 7, windows 10 reset, uninstall windows 7, update windows, etc. Call +1-888-315-9712 for technical support

Does your Windows 7 not working properly? You can fix it by resetting or restoring the factory settings. You can do this with the help of the installation disc you have received with your purchase. In case, if you don’t have the same then use Startup Repair or System Repair for the Windows 7 factory reset. Check out both the methods here:

How to Reset Windows 7?

With Installation CD/DVD – Initiate Startup Repair or System Restore

  • Turn on the computer and press & hold the F8 key
  • Select Repair Your Computer from Advanced Boot options
  • Hit Enter and choose the preferred language
  • Hit Next
  • Enter the admin details, if asked
  • Now select from System Restore or Startup Repair from the System Recovery options available
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to finish this process

With System Restore, you will be able to view the earlier settings, whereas Startup Repair rectifies the errors causing the improper functioning of the Windows 7.

Without installation CD/DVD

To know about how to reset windows without an installation disc, head over to this quick guide here: factory reset windows 7

"Now below are the steps to factory reset windows 10"

Step 1: Go to Windows 10 Update & Security

  • Open the Start menu
  • Choose the Settings button
    • You can also access these settings by simply searching for it in Cortana
  • From the Windows Settings, find Update & Security

Step 2: Select Recovery Option

  • Under Update & Security window, choose Recovery from the left pane
  • You will see these three options:
    • Reset this PC – Choose this for a fresh startup
    • Go back to an earlier or previous build – To roll back to the previous version of the operating system
    • Advanced startup – It allows you to boot off a recovery USB drive or CD
  • Choose Reset this PC
  • Now, select Start
  • You will be prompted by a window asking to choose from”
    • Keep my files – Only reset the applications and settings
    • Remove everything- Reset everything including your personal files
  • Go for the first option and rearrange only the apps and settings

Step 3: Read the warning message and go for Windows 10 reset

  • As you click Keep my files, you will be prompted by a window saying that you won’t be able to undo or rollback these changes
  • Click Next
  • Now, hit the Reset button and it will remove:
    • All your personal accounts and user accounts
    • All application software and third-party software
    • Your customized settings
  • Wait until the reset process finishes and your PC restarts
  • Click Continue, and it’s done!

For further information on resetting windows 10, read here: How to factory reset windows 10


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