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Apple today held a press conference on September 10, released Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 6S . The theme of this conference is "Hey Siri, give us a hint".

Apple today held a press conference on September 10, released Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 6S . The theme of this conference is "Hey Siri, give us a hint".

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 6S body 7000 with a new aluminum alloy, and has four colors: space gray, silver, gold, rose gold.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus screen mounted 3D Touch function. Because of different intensity, it will bring more diverse experience. 3D Touch will allow photos, information, messages pop up on the screen, so that the surrounding background blur, tap and weight will achieve different effects, capacitive sensors are integrated into the backlight layer Retina screen. And it also supports haptic feedback. Performance. iPhone 6S uses A9 chip, 70% faster than the A8, faster graphics performance 90%, M9 coprocessor is still a desktop-class performance. Webcam finally rose to 12 million pixels, the front camera also upgraded to 500 million pixels.

Information about iPhone 6S/iPhone 6S Plus

iPad Pro

Related data iPad Pro: New iPad Pro uses 12.9-inch screen.You can display a full-size virtual keyboard. Equipment width and height of the iPad Air is the same as at present, divided screen display applications. In addition, iPad Pro screen the number of pixels up to 5.6 million pixels, higher than the Retina MacBook Pro. iPad Pro uses A9X chip, and it is 1.8 times A8X performance. New iPad Pro have three colors: Deep Space gray, gold, silver.

Apple TV

Apple TV based on powerful hardware, modern operating system, and have a new user experience, as well as the Apple store. It has been redesigned remote control, remote control is a handle. Apple TV's UI have all been redesigned, the new interface is more simple and clean, the background from black to white. The new UI eliminate the channels and network elements, and more emphasis on content.

Apple TV system name also changed its name to TV OS. The new Apple TV has an independent AppStore. Apple Music also landed Apple TV. The new Apple TV uses 64 A8 chip, Bluetooth 4.0,802.11ac Wi-Fi MIMO, an infrared receiver. In between iOS devices are interconnected, while remote control also supports Bluetooth 4.0, lightning interface to charge.

Apple Watch

It is understood that Apple Watch is able to produce equipment for the medical industry changes, doctors can obtain real-time data to the patient through Apple Watch, which will significantly change the interaction between patients and doctors.It can remotely monitor various health status of pregnant women.

This time for Apple Watch, not only in cooperation with the Hermes Apple introduced three stylish strap. And increased gold and rose gold dial color in motion version. At the same time to provide users with more color strap.

In this conference Watch OS2 officially unveiled. Apple Watch adds navigation map, timeline and other functions. And be able to manipulate Go Pro. In addition, Watch OS2 support Facebook Messenger and iTranslate. Apple Watch provide AirStrip One health applications, the main monitoring motion applications, monitoring changes in heart rate, analysis of health data.

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