Problems with Technology in Classrooms

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The main argument for the topic question must revolve around the fact that student must be able to apply the concepts learned in the classroom in their real life and as their large part of daily routine vibes across technology.

Students of today (the 21st Century) are apt to use technology and technology tools like laptops and tablets are already nature to them. Taking technology out of the learning equation would be alienating an integral part of the students’ abilities. Likewise, even if the student isn’t already technology-savvy, that’s even more of a reason to embrace the skill. Understanding technology is becoming more and more important in the workplace and other areas; competing with peers in the 21st century simply necessitates the need for technological finesse.

Let me make my point first as the list of problems is not to depress you readers, but it might initially be the wonderful news. So, first, let’s list the problems for which technology can be made beyond isolated.

The Change - Pace

Not all educational institutions in the world are rapidly changing technology. To upgrade technology is expensive and most of the educational institutions are not in a position to change or do not have the manpower to handle these equipment. Most of the classes in the world have an average of twenty students, which can take most of the internet bandwidth that is required to access laptops or tablets.

Likewise, the newly hired teachers must also know how to make students handling easy with the new digital media, yet one more expense for the institution. This could be as complex as needing an IT staff to work out potential glitches in the system to hire teachers with comprehension for various software instead of teachers that are somewhat less skilled with technology. Not only this, if the homework is assigned on an online module, the student parents are also not aware of the technology software which will be unable for them to guide their child if any problem arises with the software or the equipment.

The Social Dynamics

Furthermore, the online school assignments are not providing the same benefits which the child gets from the school assignment. Without a classroom, students will not be able to understand the work, make friends and relations with their peers, learning the social norms and most importantly, without the face-to-face interaction of the teacher, they might not take their education seriously.  


Most teachers believe that the growing use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones with internet connectivity and loads of social networking, are merely the source of distraction for students as opposed to being the learning tool. Thus, it is very difficult for teachers to monitor every student closely to determine whether the student is using an educational app or a social networking app or browsing Facebook. It is the teacher who decides whether or whether not filter the devices in order to cut down the distractions which the child will never do.

Out-thinking the instructions

It is very difficult to calculate the amount of crutch technology can be for a student. It was a healthy debate a few years back about whether or whether not to allow students to use a specific type of calculator to solve their problems in Mathematics. This same debate is about to get started in many countries as some apps are quick to answer as they are built with accessible answers. This is also an instructional argument against technology.

Barriers to technology Adaptation

  • Lack of Vision
  • Lack of Leadership
  • The Money
  • Lack of Curriculum
  • Teacher Change
  • Student Change
  • Infrastructure
  • Parent Change
  • Time to Change - the time

Learning Innovation OR Improved Performance

There are many educational institutions that have successfully implemented technology in their classes and have heavily invested in procuring laptops and tablets for the use of their students and integrate technology into their projects. Teachers worry about the best assignment writing services for a critical level of students who completely miss the concept and are sincerely needing help for their educational growth.

Many of the teachers are still confused about how to creatively engage students in technology when they are not understanding the simple yet complicated concepts of their subject.

Well, I still believe that technology is providing huge benefits to students and teaching yet if it is used for the right purpose and at the right time.


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