Fix Common Blue Screen Error

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Fix Common Blue Screen Error by dialing Windows Support Number. Our Technical Support team is reachable 24 hours to assist you to anytime for any issue related to Windows Support.

Should you have a major issue with blue screens, there are a couple of codes that spring up more frequently than others that you ought to know about. If your specific Blue Screen Error doesn’t match any of these, a Google search should bring up more information, a Google inquiry ought to raise more data. You can utilize the Blue screen View instrument to get a summary of the data Windows dumps when it crashes on the first time that you miss it the first run through. The Bug Check String is the important error code.

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL — Usually brought about by a bad driver. Check for driver updates, especially for any equipment you have recently installed.

PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA — This ordinarily happens at whatever point you include another bit of hardware equipment to your system. Survey any equipment you've as of recently installed and considered reinstalling its drivers. Different reasons for this error incorporate flawed RAM, defective framework administrations, and antivirus hiccups.

NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM — If you see this mistake, your hard drive is to be faulted. Check the links associating with your drive to ensure they're not free. Run the Check Disk direction by right-tapping on the Start Button and picking Command Prompt (Admin), at that point type chads/r/f. You'll need to reboot your system so the sweep can keep running at start-up. Ensure you back up your information on the off chance that you see this, on the grounds that your hard drive might be headed out!

DATA_BUS_ERROR — This Error Code is generally caused by RAM. Check to ensure the RAM in your system is good with your motherboard and that it's not defective.

MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION — An error often caused by a faulty CPU or power supply.

INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE — Occurs when Windows can't read the hard device that your system boots from. It could have roots in a bad driver, a dying hard drive, or a boot sector virus.

HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED — Caused by general equipment or driver issues.

WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR — A catch-all error for harmed hardware, driver similarity issues, corrupt system or registry files, or heat and voltage issues.

SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION — This Error can show anything from graphic UI issues to outdated or corrupted drivers.

No matter what error you see, our general steps for investigating blue screens will help.


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