How to Reset a Lost Hotmail Password?

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If you have lost access to your Hotmail account and looking for ways to retrieve your Hotmail account password, you are in the right place. Here below, the password recovery ways are mentioned in a detailed manner. For any further assistance, call upon Hotmail Toll-Free Number.

Recover Your Hotmail Account Password:

Users can try to recover their Hotmail password due to a number of reasons, such the lost email password, hacked or compromised Hotmail account, someone has accessed your account without information, locked email account, forgotten email account etc. But all such scenarios can be dealt with using the below-given recovery steps:

  • Open the which is now the new center to access Hotmail account.

  • Now select “Can’t access your account” option, below the sign-in button.

  • After this, an option saying “why are you having trouble signing” option will appear on your screen. Choose “I forgot my password” and then Hit Next

  • Provide your Hotmail email account in the field of Microsoft Account.

  • Fill the “Captcha” and click “Next”.

  • From the list, select the preferred verification option, the password recovery page link will be sent to your recovery method.

  • If you click upon I don’t use these anymore, you need to provide short-form to retrieve your password.

  • Fill the information to verify that you are the owner of your account.

  • Once you are successfully able to receive the submission confirmation window.

  • If you provide the authentic information and Microsoft is convinced with your information, your request will be approved

  • When you receive the account recovery code, provide the code in the given field and hit the Use recovery code button.

  • Now complete the process by following the on-screen information

Reset Your Hotmail Password?

Resetting the password for your Hotmail account is the way to get back the access to your Yahoo mail account. Make sure you are entering right password, in the right character-case. But if you are facing failure while signing in, roll your eyes on email address if it’s spelled properly. Disable the Caps lock and try again.

If the above given trying went in vain, you need to reset your Hotmail email account password using the below-given options:

  • Email: Use the email address you provided while creating your Hotmail account. You will receive the verification code on your respective email address. This is the best way to recover/reset your Hotmail account password

  • Secret Question: Just as recovery email address, the other way to reset or recover Hotmail account password. This is the simplest way to the reset your password. Answer the question and retain the access to your account.

Few simple points to take into account before attempting password-resetting:

  • Keep using your Hotmail account as if you don’t access your account for more than 365 days, your account will be permanently deleted.

  • If you are deactivated the account, make sure to recover within 30 days of span or else it will be gone forever.

  • Use only trustable devices to log in and never share your password with anyone.

If you are not able to reset your password using the above-given methods, try calling upon Hotmail Support Phone Number. The number will connect you with experts and you can easily recover the password for your account in no time. Hotmail Help Number is reachable 24X&7 globally.

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