Top 10 Gadgets that would make Travelling Easier

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Traveling is food for the soul. As a millenial, take the time to travel as often as possible. Which gadgets are you bringing on your next adventure? 

Technology has changed the way we travel. From using our mobile phones to find our way around tourist spots to booking our flights online, travelling is now made easier thanks to these gadgets. Admittedly, mobile gadgets have made our travels easier, keeping us informed on what’s going on within the vicinity. Besides your cell phone, there are other gadgets you can use that would make travelling easier.


If you’re a heavy mobile phone user, it is imperative that you also bring a powerbank. Besides phones, you can use powerbanks to charge other gadgets like tablets, smartwatches, cameras, cloudfone and a whole lot more. Powerbanks are the answer to a shortage of electric plugs or if your other gadgets need to charge.

Automated Travel Vacuum

Sometimes, we get too excited when we travel and we tend to pack a lot. This gadget will help you save space in your luggage, helping you make room for more. In a sealed bag, you’re going to put all your clothes in and this gadget will suck all the air out. So, if you tend to shop while you travel, you can save a lot of space for souvenirs!

Action Camera

Whether it’s a GoPro or a Xiaomi Yi, action cameras are helpful especially if you’re going for a splash. Most action cameras today are waterproof or has a waterproof case that you can take when you swim or experience watersports. Action cameras are also compact and can be stored easily in your carry-on.


If you’re looking for something fancier, a drone camera would definitely help you take amazing travel photos. One of the best travel drones out there is the DJI Mavic Pro which has intelligent gesture features, and can fly as high as 4.3 miles, and can shoot videos at 4K/30fps or 1080p/96fps. Drones are a little bit expensive but if you’re an avid traveler, it’s definitely worth the buy.

Bluetooth Speakers

If you know you’re going to have some alone time, Bluetooth speakers would make your travels even better. Bluetooth speakers are portable and are wireless so you don’t have to scramble for the aux cord or where to plug it in.

Pro tip: don’t play your music through your Bluetooth speakers in public places like the airport, museums or temples that you’re planning to visit. You might like the music but others might not so be considerate.


Whether it’s wired or not, headphones are a necessity when you travel. Buy a new headphone using Lazada voucher to keep you entertained while travelling, headphones enable you to enjoy your favorite videos or music while transiting towards your destination. Even if you don’t use it often, just bring it just in case you get bored.


If you’re a big book reader, a Kindle is definitely something you should have while travelling. Instead of carrying heavy books and sacrificing luggage space, why not just have a Kindle on your carry-on? It’s compact, easy to carry, and convenient. Like with your headphones, a Kindle keeps you entertained and is the perfect opportunity to finally start that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Universal Adapter

This gadget is important especially if you’re going to be travelling overseas. Not all countries follow the same sockets as the one in your home country so make sure you bring a universal adapter to help you charge your electronics. There are a lot of options when it comes to adapters but we recommend those that have multiple options so that you can reuse them in your future travels. If you are looking for discounts and promotions to save big on your trip then you can check out for Agoda promo code.

Multiple-port Chargers

With the number of gadgets you’re carrying for your trip, it’s only reasonable that you have a multiple-port charger. It comes in handy in emergency situations where you only have one electrical plug available. Eventually, you would need to charge your gadgets at least two at the same time and a multiple-port charger would definitely help you out.

Portable Extension Cord

Like with the multiple-port charger, portable extension cords are a helpful tool while travelling. It can help you charge your gadgets even if you only have one plug at the hotel or the airport. Don’t worry, extension cords are allowed in carry-ons so feel free to pack one for your upcoming trip!

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