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All about grab.....

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Grab offers travel services with an unmatched efficiency that allows you to travel safely and conveniently around the town. Grab is available in major cities such as Klang Valley, Seremban, Penang, Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Ipoh, and Kuantan. Grab allows you to travel anywhere comfortably. It is a stepping stone for better and more efficient transport. Read more about Grab Malaysia coupons....

About Grab Malaysia – Move Around with Ease

Grab has revolutionized the taxi scene in Malaysia with its simple app. The app focuses on 3 phases. First, Phase 1 focuses on dispatch issues, assisting fleet operators to manage their allocations more efficiently. Next, the Phase 2 will focus on passenger safety and booking issues. Finally, the Phase 3 will focus on allowing passengers to book a taxi on-demand in multiple cities. Relying on triple pillars of safety, certainty and speed, Grab continues to train and organize fleets into a network of dedicated and passionate individuals that place emphasis on providing better services to all of its passengers. With such advantages, Grab is truly a game changer in terms of travel services.

As of now, Grab stands proudly as Southeast Asia's leading ride-hailing platform. Growing in popularity and fleet size, Grab emerges as the popular choice for most people to escape from traffic congestion. Amazingly, Grab woos people and eliminates transport woes with such speed and efficiency. Expanding like never before, Grab currently operates in six countries across the region.


Eliminate any form of inefficiencies in the transport industry

If you have ever taken public transport in Malaysia, you would know that using the taxi services in Malaysia can be annoying. Unsurprisingly, this causes a lot of people to get frustrated easily whenever they try to get a taxi. It is always a hassle in trying to hail a taxi or bargain with a driver to get an honest price. Also, the notorious taxi services are known to be rude, late, dangerous and unhygienic. Thanks to Grab, it is able to eliminate any form of inefficiencies in the current transport industry. You can get accurate, affordable, and reliable service with Grab. At the end of day, Grab always prioritizes hassle-free riding experience.

Ensuring the Safety of Passengers

As the operation of Grab ride relies entirely on the GPS, this simply means that your ride will be tracked from the beginning to the end. Such technology enables the company to get the latest updates about the whereabouts of the driver and the car. As for the customers, you will be relieved to know that you actually can find out about your journey at all times. In addition, all Grab drivers and vehicles are screened thoroughly to ensure high-quality performance and experience. Moreover, you can enjoy the thrill of anticipating the arrival of your Grab driver to your pickup location. Now, everyone can enjoy the true peace of mind with Grab.



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