Top 10 Common HP Printer Problems and Solutions

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For all such HP issues, you can also contact the HP Printer Support for unlimited technical assistance.

Various printing issues can occur with HP printer as well even if it is one of the best printers available. But whatever is the issues you can call at the HP Printer Support Number for instant solutions.

Here are the most common issues with HP printers as well as their solutions:

  1. Speed issues: the most common printing issue is when the printer becomes slow and it can happen because of various reasons. If you don’t need high-quality output then you can switch to draft, standard or normal mode to improve the speed of the printer. Also, avoid two-sided printing if you need quick printouts. The printer will slow down when you are using an outdated or corrupted driver for your printer.
  2. Paper jams: the other common issue occurs when the paper gets jammed while printing. It occurs when the paper is not inserted properly in the input tray. Also, the paper used should be of appropriate quality and should not be of a low quality which can get jammed easily. Avoid printing so many sheets at once as it can also lead to paper jams.
  3. Printer stops printing: printer can stop printing when it will not be properly connected to the computer. Also, if the printer is wireless then the network should be in a working situation. Make sure you are using the correct and the latest version driver for your printer otherwise it can also make the printer functionless.
  4. Bad quality prints: if you are also compromising with the quality of the printouts of your HP printer then makes sure there is sufficient ink available, as well as the ink cartridges, should be properly placed to avoid any leakages. Try increasing the resolution to get better printouts or contact HP Support.
  5. Unable to connect mobile device: if you are not able to get printouts using your mobile device then the Wi-Fi connection can be responsible for this issue. Check the network or switch to a better network connection.
  6. Print commands are being sent to the wrong printer: to correct this issue, it is important to make sure that your HP printer should be set as the default printer. You can do this under the ‘Devices and Printers’ section.
  7. Printouts are not clear or have lines on it: sometimes a clogged print head can lead to this issue. You can use the printer’s utility program to get the dried ink cleaned and then print a test page to verify the printing quality.
  8. Wireless printing is slow: it can be possible due to bad signal strength provided by the network. To correct this, keep the printing device near to the Wi-Fi router and then try to print again.
  9. Printing is costing too much: if you will overuse the ink then it will definitely cost you extra. If you don’t need high-quality prints, then print in the draft mode as it will use less ink.
  10. The printer is lying about the ink level: if you think your printer is giving your wrong information about the ink level present in cartridges then you can manually check it by yourself.



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