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If you are unable to fix AOL issues like IAMP.AOL.COM not responding on IOS or any other issues, then you can contact AOL Customer Service for instant Technical Help and Support by dialing Toll-Free Number +1-800-279-1380.

Normally AOL mail works fine except sometimes when the users have faced issues while using it on their iOS. The AOL mail stops responding sometimes and you are not able to check your emails. You have to check if you have entered the correct account info in the mail settings option. Also, the network you are connected to should also be in proper working condition.

The issue can continue to occur until proper action is taken to resolve it. It is important to consult a tech expert like AOL Customer Service for the issue as they can thoroughly check all the email settings, connections, servers to identify the reason for the issue. AOL Customer Service Number is the number you have to dial whenever such AOL issues are disturbing you.

If you are also facing issues with AOL mail while using it on iOS then apply the given procedures:

  • Unlock Google Captcha: this is the first step to resolve the not responding error with AOL. To do this, follow the points given below:
  1. Open the web browser on your iOS device.

  2. Go to the URL:

  3. Now change the domain name with the genuine domain name of the Google app.

  4. Enter the username and password of your Gmail account.

  5. Enter the ‘Captcha’ shown to you.

  6. Follow the instructions given to you for completing the process and after the process is done click on the ‘Unlock’ option.

If still, you are facing any issues, you can reach out to us at AOL Technical Support Number.

  • Remove and reinstall the email account: This step is required when your email server is no longer able to receive the incoming and the outgoing server information. Doing this will auto-configure the correct settings and will refresh your email account.

Follow the steps given to fix the issue:

  1. Go to the settings option.

  2. Click on the ‘Accounts and Passwords’ option.

  3. Open your email account.

  4. Click on the ‘Delete account’ button.

After deleting the account, to re-install it follow the given steps:

  1. Click on the Settings option.

  2. Open the ‘Accounts and Passwords’ option.

  3. Click on ‘Add Account’.

  4. Select your email account from which you want to receive emails again.

  5. Log into your account using your email ID and password.

Calling on AOL Help and Support Number will also help if you are stuck somewhere while removing or reinstalling the email account. Make sure to follow the steps carefully so as to avoid any other complexities. This is how you can get rid of the server issues with AOL mail.

All the above methods can surely help you if applied properly. If the problem persists, then we have another option for you. We have a technical support service to help the AOL users in trouble. The technicians here are dedicated professionals who are efficient in providing quality support service to its customers. For this, you are required to dial the AOL Customer Care Phone Number to contact the technical expertise.


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