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BSH INFRA was formed in 2012 as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC). The company provides best solutions for Design, Planning, Consultancy, Execution and Delivery of any types of construction projects.

BSH INFRA has successfully commissioned many residential/ commercial/office complex, it parks, malls, amusement parks, & schools. The team of workers of this company consists of professionally qualified engineers, marketing professionals, technicians and executives. Projects like Fortune Residency, Raj Nagar Ext, Delhi in Apartment, Saraswati Apartment, DLF Express Green-I, DLF Express Green-II shows the supreme level of constructions done by BSH INFRA.

reason to CHOOSE us:

Skilled Experts: Architects, civil engineers, project managers and many other important role-players in the BSH INFRA are admired for their skills and talent. Our project managers have the experience and training to supervise different types of projects.  We have successfully completed many praiseworthy projects.

Quality Equipments: BSH INFRA is equipped with all the latest constriction equipments. With these equipments we are able to deliver you an optimum quality of super construction with no error in a given time frame.

Top Grade Material: Our services and products are not limited to construction tools and equipments only. BSH INFRA also focuses on using high grade construction materials in different categories. Glass, ceramic, wood, plastic ,tiles and hardware materials like pipes and tubes made of materials like PVC, aluminium, copper, bronze and all other materials we use are bought from the best manufactures.

Impressive Construction Services: From expert construction counselling to interior decoration and house and commercial building construction, BSH INFRA covers all possible fields.  We serve projects like construction of houses, industrial plants, corporate offices spaces and commercial constructions like shopping malls and restaurants. We provide Facade Glazing construction. Our team workers are highly trained and well experienced to provide the best quality Facade Glazing Contractor in Delhi NCR. It increases the thermal efficiency of a construction, as the exterior exposure of metal framing is either reduced or eliminated.

BSH INFRA provide complete Electrical execution & services, including supply, installation, testing and commissioning of interior and exterior lighting system, high voltage indoor and outdoor substations, power generating station, public address, CCTV, Fire alarm, access control lighting protection system etc.

A good HVAC system is the key of keeping a comfortable, healthy and interior environment. HVAC system is critical to your interior environment and represents a large component of your utility expenses. BSH INFRA provide complete Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solution, including supply, installation, testing and commissioning of VRV system, HVAC system, Centralized system, Duct & Duct able system etc.


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