How to Forgotten MS Office Word Password?

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Many times a user may get confused in handling all these services. In such cases, we offered them MS office support number 1-888-326-7644 and they can call us at Microsoft customer support to get any kind of issue solved.

We all have an account on MS office and access it for doing a number of activities, be its professional and personal purpose . Therefore, if you have forgotten your word file password, so it’s an essential step for you to instantly Recover Forgotten MS Word Password. There are several ways, through which you can get to know by calling MS Office Word Customer Support Number and restore your word file password in an instant way.

The Process to Recover MS Word Password:-

Use Word Password Recovery Tool

Office Password Recovery tool is the best tool to restore and recover password on office-based files, such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint etc.

Follow these steps to do this.

1. Download and Install the MS Office Password Recovery Tool

First of all, you need to require going the official website and downloading the Install Office Password Recovery tool on their PC/Laptop.

Then go to the download folder and open the tool and install on the PC.

2. Open Password-Protected Word File

After installation, open it by going to the “open” button and then select the correct Word File (Password-Protected Word File), which you want to recover the password.

3. Choose the Correct Password Recovery Mode

There the customer will see the four types of recovery options, under the “Type of Attack” section, including brute force, mask, Dictionary, and smart. So, it always assists for the user to choose either the “brute force” attack or the “smart attack”, by which your MS file password will be fully regained without having to put any extra efforts.

4. Advanced Settings for Selected Attack Mode

Make sure each type of attack has Advanced settings is just to make the recovery process acceptable and faster. For Brute-force Attack, the client needs to check the options, under Range section. The program will try all possible password combinations along the select options.

5. Start Recovering Password from Word File

Once all the settings are complete, then the tool will automatically try & recover your password from that word file. Make sure, during this process time, don’t shut down or even restart the PC. When the password has been recovered, then the user can copy it from the box and paste in the required dialogue box. Along with this, the file can be opened with the help of the original password.

In this way, with the help of this tool, you can easily Recover MS Word Password.

If you have any technical issue or doubt regarding MS office word, then you need to just contact at our MS Office Support Phone Number for immediate help.

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