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Updating the Roku device software would be one best troubleshooting option, in order to resolve the Roku Error Code 003 and other streaming or activation issues.


Error Code 003 on Roku 

Roku streaming devices are popular for its reliability and design. These devices are effective in much the way they automatically update its software version. Whenever the streaming device is primarily Switched On and after you connect it with the internet connection, the device will automatically check for its software updates. If there is an availability of software upgrade, then it will automatically download the available software version. The Roku streaming device is built in such a way it randomly checks for its software updates in the interval of 2 to 36 hours.

Alongside at times, this Roku streaming device may encounter an error code 003. This error code represents the software version of the Roku streaming device is not up-to-date. And you can easily fix the Roku error code 003 by understanding the reasons for the errors code display. Usually, the Roku device completes all the Roku software update automatically without interrupting any streaming process. Rather, you can check and update the Roku streaming device software whenever you come across any error code issues.
Updating the Roku device software would be one best troubleshooting option, in order to resolve the Roku Error Code 003 and other streaming or activation issues.

Manual Checking For Roku Software

You can usually resolve the Roku error code like 003 by manually upgrading the software. You can also manually check the Roku software updates when the Roku streaming device has undergone the below condition like,

  • Roku streaming player when disconnected for a longer period
  • Recently installed channel 1from Roku channel store
  • Recently installed a non-certified Roku channel

Verifying Software upgrade manually

You can follow the below instructions, to manually check for the Roku streaming device software and channel updates. Press the remote to open the main screen and scroll up or down to choose the Settings menu option. You can now select the System option. Also, you can select the System update option on the Roku player. The screen displays information on the firmware update of the Roku streaming device. It gives a clear picture on the details like software build version, along with the date and time of the Last firmware update of the device. Moreover, select the ‘Check Now’ option for checking the current updates.

Furthermore, for any assistance and queries on the Roku Error codes 003 or on Roku Manual Software Updates, you can either contact our experts 1-844-965-4357 or visit our site


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