What is the legit way to save money on shopping online?

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Using coupon code for shopping online is the only way to grab a better deal and extra cashback. this way you can easily save your valuable money.

Travel is the beloved activity of everyone here. when I was looking to book a flight ticket for moving Delhi, one of my friends suggests me to check out for a coupon or promo code. Certainly, we started googling for a flight coupon code and all.

  We saw some offers, discount code and even cash back offer but fails to grab it. As no discount code was working. That's the pain. Same time I started analyzing the market of affiliate website. And come up with the decision of dive into the segment, as long as the market size is large enough.   End of the year 2017 I was started building MVP and decided to provide 100% verified coupons on the platform. We have setup backend operation for testing each and every code before listing on a platform. This gives a user a hand tested, verified coupon code and promo code.        With seamless interface, intuitive design and user friendly UX, we launched CouponMoto in January 2018. Initially we started offering deals, discount and coupons for around 400+ store and 150+  categories. With moto of providing maximum saving on shopping,CouponMoto strive to make user journey more fruitful on the platform.   Coming to the use of the application, it has been made extremely easy to use and understand. It is just that everything is compact and would fit in your smartphone for better use. You can also work on multiple websites on your desktop while browsing through all the available coupon codes of the website. You are also free to look up in all the segments and sections of available websites to browse from.    So far we have started generating some traction, and growing rapidly. we work for several marketing methods like CPS, CPV, CPA, CPC for publishers. Currently, we have 50K monthly visitors on site, also we available on an Android app too. Now for better user engagement, we have started using PWA, and also received good customer response for same.

Making Coupon Moto even better! The application also has the option to send you notification of the latest updates in the coupons database so you would not miss out on the great deals at any point of time. It redirects you to the download page of the coupon you are interested on which is plus point on the part of people who are always occupied with their smartphones. However, you can turn these optional services off/on according to your need. Use the Coupon Moto app regularly to receive better updates along with all kinds of news regarding any change in the main webpage. Try out the send bug report option for the initial users to let us help at any point of time too.


We make sure about optimum use of battery so it helps to conserve battery life.

Save on everything! Use CouponMoto as your saving partner for all your online shopping needs. Also help your friends and family to save more.


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