Telikin Computer for Seniors

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Welcome to Telikin Computer

Welcome to Telikin - The idea of Telikin was born from the very simple idea that everyone in the family must be able to stay in touch through technology.

Families are now spread. People move around the country to get a job and children go to college. Not everyone can meet for a Sunday night dinner at Grandma and home. But that does not mean that we should not be able to see the face and hear the voice of our loved ones.

Technology provides an incredible potential for distance communication. Families and friends can use social networking sites, video chat, and email to keep in touch. However, computers were frustrating and difficult for many older people, preventing them from using these wonderful technological tools. Many are still absent from online conversation or have been left frustrated by the online experience. Although more than 65 years of age are online, according to the latest Pew Research study, the study also suggests that this population is still the least likely to use the Internet.

If you are experiencing any technical problems with your Telikin computer, you can contact the Telikin support team directly, simply by calling Telikin support number 1833-338-9444.


I saw this happen with my family. My mother has seven children, 12 grandchildren, and 9 grandchildren of grandchildren all over the world. Many years ago, she suffered from a stroke, and although she made tremendous strides in maintaining an active life, with age, her vision and movement decreased.

Since my brothers, sisters, sisters, and nephews all had the opportunity to share photos and share emails to keep up with the events of life, our family could not join this conversation because traditional computers are too complex and unpredictable. She needed a way she could simply touch what she saw to get what she wanted. As an engineer, I knew there must be an easier way.

And now there. Telikin offers a different experience - simple - computer, not only for the elderly, but for anyone who is frustrated with the traditional computer. Users can do things they want to do, like video chatting, sharing photos, sending emails, checking news, weathering, browsing the web, playing games, and writing documents, all without problems. Three touches and novelty in Idaho can be seen in the pictures of her grandchildren in Texas. The three and father can video chat with her child at college. With Telikin, families now become three touches of touch. I see the difference not only in my family, but also in the families of our clients, and I hope to continue to see the difference in families everywhere.

Computer for seniors

When we launch the Telikin Blog, we hope you will find it as a forum for both education and discussion not only about our computer, but also about technology, health aging, continuous communication, and more. Communication is a two-way street, so we always welcome your comments and comments and strongly encourage them!

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