Tips for Decorating Small Living Rooms

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The size of the rooms in your house matters a lot when you plan the interior decorations. Especially in smaller rooms,

The size of the rooms in your house matters a lot when you plan the interior decorations. Especially in smaller rooms, many of the decoration and designs have to focus on making the room appear larger to prevent it from looking too cramped. Here are some tips for you to think of when decorating small living rooms.


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Use Neutral Colours

One trick to make the rooms look larger is to use neutral colors on the walls, the ceiling, and the floor as well as on curtains. Beiges and off-whites are the best-suited colors to be used. However, if you want the place to look a little more colorful but still want it to look less dark, use soft colors such as bluish-grey, cornflower blue, light sand brown, delicate violet or cream. These lighter colors can illuminate the place by reflecting light and make the place look enlarged. It will also add a sophisticated, calming appearance.

Lightweight Furniture

Choosing furniture with a lightweight appearance can also make your living room look more spacey. This does not mean you have to look for actual lightweight furniture but consider their visual weight or whether they ‘look’ bulky or not. Furniture of pale colors are the best-suited ones. Try to choose pieces with legs rather than those that are boxy. Glass tables are a good choice for smaller areas. Even among the smaller living rooms, the available space differs from one to another so it is better to measure the room before you shop for furniture.

Add Mirrors

Strategically placing some mirrors in two or three places in your living rooms can make space appear larger. A common design idea is to place a large mirror in a central location. Coordinating the place of light sources with mirrors is important. Putting the mirror behind a light source can make the light reflect and get the room to appear less cramped. This placement will help you to create a nice ambiance as well. Positioning mirrors on the opposite places to windows is a good strategy to get the use of natural light as much as possible.


When decorating a small room, lighting is very important. Inadequate lighting can make the room look claustrophobic, especially if it is already smaller in size. You can use three types of lightning methods for the living room: ambient, task and accent lights. Get the maximum use of natural light during daytime. Look for places where you can purchase plantation shutters adelaide if you want to have windows that let in maximum sunlight. Don’t let any furniture cover the windows.

Even the smallest room can look friendly and cozy if you decorate it right. Avoid using any darker shades on the walls or using too big furniture that can block the way. Minimize the number of decorations you would use such as wall hangers or wall arts. Too much of items can again make the room look dark and cramped. 


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